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Video On Demand
"Taking control of what and when you want to view content"
Selecting a video from a range of streamed channels or from choosing and selecting stored or recorded content from a tablet with a custom user interface, we put the control in your hands. We provide two way tools , so you can monitor who has watched or seen content, typical uses maybe for training and induction videos. In addition we can set default content to the end device before interaction begins. Used in conjunction with our Shurecast technology can enable fans and visitors to replay action and events that they missed or select them for upload to social media sites.
  • Taking Digital Signage to a further step by allowing on demand & live content
  • Enabling playback of stored content with low latency. We aim to replay a recorded event within 5 seconds of the request
  • Integration with customers apps enabling single points for management of content
  • Touchscreen and tablet integration. Helping you to engage with your customers, patients and visitors. Improving on a unidirectional experience
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  • Training
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