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Digital Signage
"Create, lay out and distribute information when and where you want"
Digital signage is widely used to deliver entertainment, information, alerts and advertisements across a wide range of industries. Streamvue have fully integrated the benefits of displaying time and place dependant content in a quick efficient way. Scheduling by attributes allows similar end devices over your LAN or WAN to be configured and ready for your messages in an efficient way. Our Ensemble offering has placed all our core software into one Appliance to appeal to organisations wanting a powerful solution for Digital Signage and Streaming content in a one box solution.
  • Enabling corporate communications across large organisations with Multiple sites
  • Make useful information easily accessible by integrating live transport feeds such as flight information or local bus and train timetables
  • Create a positive impression by sharing relevant content including news and social media feeds
  • Enhance customer experience by providing timely information and offers
  • Easy template builder allows you to design your content layout easily and publish efficiently
  • Multiple user permissions allows HQ or local rules to define what's shown where
  • Supported HW
  • User Guide
  • Training
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