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Mobile Streaming
"Stream live content to your Mobile in high density areas"
In the theatre of sports, fans desire an immersive experience at live events. People will expect to take pictures or videos to upload to their social media pages. The virtual experience is user-driven, instantaneous, fluid. This is complimented by an uninterrupted pass with access to the dugout and a view of player replacements in real time. Audience experience and involvement is heightened with a virtual proximity to the sidelines; the ability to focus on their sports idol as well as the means to instantly replay highlights on a mobile device. This is an experience for all of the sense in the moment, the epitome of instant gratification. Shurecast is our live multi-casting system which runs over high density Wi-Fi, offering an immersive experience to sports fans within the stadium and beyond. This product has been carefully designed and developed in-house by our development team.
  • Up to 30 channels of content in multicasting and on-demand content
  • Up to 4 audio channels
  • Live voting channel so spectators can vote for their favourite player
  • Traffic information / public transport information
  • Events information
  • Live in-app advertising
  • In game betting
  • Hyper-targeted messages to individuals within the stadiumlinked to our unique CRM system
  • Purchasing food and beverages from your seat
  • Supported HW
  • User Guide
  • Training
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