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Live Streaming
"Stream live content over your Network"
Streamvue via its cloud based management system allows customers to configure multiple sources of content whether stored, broadcast or live to be managed into "Streams" within its Local area network. The advantage of this is environments where there are many end points is that the network traffic is contained, fixed in size and large number of devices can see the same content. Creation of guest applications allows users to watch and chose your streamed content or interact with the content on an 'as required basis'.
  • Channels of video content can be made available on your network, easily accessible by staff, guests or customers
  • Fixed bandwidth leading to optimised network, rather than multiple players connecting to the internet and downloading similar content
  • Use of Industrial Signage displays reduces additional player at the end point simplifying cabling and installation
  • Protected content can be encrypted during streamed preserving content rights of the owners
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