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Corporate (Banking)
"Communicate across large networks to staff and customers"
Aligning communications in a business which has multiple sites and often in multiple countries is a challenge, especially with varying requirements for control and scheduling in satellite branches and offices. Our approach is start at the core with the control of the content, broadcast and scheduling, then manage through user privileges and multiple channels the delivery though out the business. If an important announcement or activity occurs we want to enable you to broadcast this in real time across your network. Simultaneously we would record this for users who due to time zone or other requirements may wish to view at a later date. Depending on the endpoints (Displays), this could be targeted towards the employees, customers or visitors. More often than not multiple channels are created as this is a simple way to locally selected the relevant information at the time.
  • Aligned communication strategy across branches, head offices and staff
  • Efficient use of bandwidth by multicasting in local sites or large HQs
  • Delivering live announcements and broadcasts allowing simultaneous briefings to multiple sites
  • Stored and on demand content for induction, training or catching up on missed briefings
  • Delivery to mobile and tablets for remote workers
  • Unified messaging in branches and receptions
  • Either Cloud based or locally hosted storage and applications
  • Supported HW
  • User Guide
  • Training
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