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Our Solutions
"Bespoke configurations and content management tailored to meet your business needs"
When implementing systems for customers we often find a requirement to integrate customer data, statistics or feeds. Where these are not available in standard formats we need to provide an integration piece so we can ingest and change in real time the screens on the network. These then manifest themselves in either a custom layout (what is viewed on screen), custom interface on a tablet or phone (to control on demand and broadcast content) or unique set of permission and rules to organise your network to auto configure on an on demand basis. Our architecture where we have authored middleware & Software in a modular way allows our inhouse developers to quickly deliver this.
  • Modular platform allows for cross platform migration of data, feeds and information into our system
  • Configurable monitoring and management of end points. Exception network reporting
  • Event driven configuration and distribution to support complex scenarios
  • Bespoke configurations & firmware for existing endpoints to mitigate unnecessary expenditure
  • Supported HW
  • User Guide
  • Training
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