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"Enterprise level IPTV & Digital Signage for Live Broadcast & Control"
Our full suite of functionality and appliances targeted for Stadiums, larger venues and sites requiring live broadcast and targeted end point delivery of all content channels in real time.Fully configurable to store live feeds and then playback content on demand when required. Pre - authored scripts in addition allow event driven distribution and configuration of content. Our servers handle live camera feeds, stored content and distribution over long distance supporting perimeter and field large format screens. Integration via an open API allows dynamic mixing of live content with digital signage allowing distributing in real time of scoring, betting or other dynamic messaging.
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Simple set up, Administration, Troubleshooting & Management
  • Rebroadcast & Time Shift capabilites
  • Remote & Multi-Site Management
  • Centralised Database simplifying multi-site content distribution
  • Seamless Cloud Portal Integration
  • Ingest, distribution of custom and real time content
  • Up linking of content in real-time to clients’ websites & social media platforms
  • Pre-scripting allows single broadcaster control over selected endpoints and content
  • Open API for integration to Client Merchandising, catering, ticketing, POS & 3rd party systems
  • Integration for betting systems
  • Instant replay for live sporting events
System Overview
Product Selector
Review which features are included in our software offerings:
Features Supported
Solo Ensemble Orchestra
Images jpg, png
Yes Yes Yes
Widgets / URLs / RSS
Yes Yes Yes
Videos, MPEG2 / 4
Yes Yes Yes
Terrestrial TV DBV / DVBT
Yes Yes Yes
Live Video SDI Inputs
No No Yes
Streams (Multicast)
No Yes Yes
Number of End Points
10-50 10-500 10-5000
Template Builder
Yes Yes Yes
Cloud Storage
Up to 1GB Up to 10GB Unlimited
Dynamic Routing
No Yes Yes
Transcoding / Re-encoding
No No Yes
Annual Support
Yes Yes Yes
Free Software Updates
Yes Yes Yes
Yes Yes Yes
No Yes Yes
Open API
No Yes Yes
Cloud Based
Yes Optional Optional
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  • User Guide
  • Training
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