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Our Markets
Corporate (Banking)
StreamVue delivers content securely across multiple sites in multiple countries. An Enterprise level Video Platform that can deliver content to factories, Head offices & meeting rooms. Any visual point whether Smart TVs, PC , large format or mobile devices. We provide tools that ensure the consumption of media is simple, effective and flexibly delivered in a secure, authenticated way. Our architecture allows integration into live data, performance information, queue management systems and alike allowing dynamic employee and customer information and interaction. Events and announcements can be broadcast live across the network whilst being stored and available for time shifted viewing or rebroadcast at a later date. Our system caters for multiple time zones, and grouping of assets to allow timely notifications.
  • Customisable endpoint layouts tailored to customers, visitors, and staff
  • Live broadcast to multiple regions onto multiple devices
  • Video & content on Demand
  • Compatible with large format LEDs and custom displays
  • Integration with Building Management Systems
  • Integration with existing DAMs and Microsoft Sharepoint
  • Open APIs to delivery key messaging and performance KPIs
  • Meeting room management screens
  • Supported HW
  • User Guide
  • Training
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