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Our Markets
StreamVue’s offering in the Healthcare sector extends into several areas. Firstly we work with communications with visitors who visit the building. Starting with the reception area providing welcome information through to helping navigation to the area you are visiting. For the staff we provide a valuable platform for internal communications allowing on demand content for training and induction, through to the integration of operational KPI’s and management with patient and building systems. From a patient or resident perspective we can structure the entertainment system that they use. Providing key site information and services, and then allowing access to broadcast channels, Video/Content on demand and Music as and when requested.
  • Customisable endpoint layouts tailored to resident, visitor and staff
  • Live TV from multiple regions and sources
  • Video & Music on Demand
  • Compatible with leading smart TVs including Samsung & LG
  • Integration with Building Management Systems
  • Integration with Catering options, meal management and nutritional information
  • Integration with nurse calling systems
  • Personalised welcome messages with wayfinding
  • Supported HW
  • User Guide
  • Training
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