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Supported Hardware
When using one of the following manufacturers screens we can utilise their onboard processing to decode and play both 4k & HD streams as well as supporting the decryption of content distributed with Digital Rights (DRM).
The advantage of using supported hardware is that we do not need an additional box (Media Player) behind each screen. This is beneficial from an installation and cost point, reducing cabling and connections.
Supporting Hospitality and Signage ranges running WebOS 3.2,3.5 (2016-2017), WebOS 4.5 (2018-2019), WebOS 5.0 (2020) including the following models :
UT761H, UT781H, UT660H, UT661H, LT660H, ET961H, UU761H, UU660H, EU961H, WU960H, LV761H, UV761H, EV960H, LU661H, UV661H, UV761H, SM5KE, SH7E, UH5E, UM3E, UH5PE, VH7E, VM5E, 55XE4F, WP400, SM5D, SM5KD, 55EG5CD, 55EG5CE, 55EJ5D, 55EJ5E, 65EV5E, 65EJ5E, TA3E, 86TR3D, 86TR3E, 55TC3D, 65TC3D, 75TC3D, 55SVH7E, 49VL5D, 5VX1D, WP320
Supporting Hospitality and Signage ranges running Tizen 3.0 ( 2017), Tizen 4.0 (2018), Tizen 5.0 (2019) and Tizen 5.5 (2020) including but not limited to the following ranges of screens HJ690U,HF690,HE690,HE590,QMxxR,QMxxN,QBxxR,QBxxN,PMxx
Set Top Boxes
We support the below the following Set Top Boxes / Media players which can sit on the network and decode 4k/HD content with suitable decryption for use with Videowalls, LED Screens and custom display hardware.
Supported products : Amino A150/H150, Kamai 661, Kamia 751E (4k), A140, H150, Dune TV102
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